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During November 2010 John Wilton-Davies and Justin Miles will attempt to become the first people to not only reach the South Pole, but to return, completely unsupported. We're excited to be associated with this exciting event by providing John and Justin with sponsorship.

The expedition will be travelling to and from Antarctica via their camp at Patriot Hills near the Antarctic coast.

The base operates from early November until late January. Allowing for secondary flights to and from the coast, this leaves John and Justin with a maximum of 77 days to complete the expedition. Weather delays may well reduce this.

Previous expeditions have averaged 55 days to reach the pole. Given that the fastest-ever journey was 36 days, with a sled weighing about 85 kg, Justin and John have an immense task ahead. With 180+ kg sleds they need to reach the Pole in around 41 days, and then make it back again in just 36.

In order to maximise travelling time John and Justin will be working and living to a 28-hour day. 14 hours a day, punctuated by brief food and water stops every 2 hours or so, will be spent on foot. With 8 hours sleep, this allows 3 hours at the beginning and end of each day for making and breaking camp, cooking, eating, melting water, repairs, communications, etc.

To find out more about this amazing challenge visit

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