Welcome to Bluegrass

Our business is about helping your business.

We started the business in 1998 and over the years have been lucky enough to have worked with brilliant clients.

We’ve grown from being a project management consultancy who outsourced the support of its IT to one that now provides IT support with the experience of what businesses want when it comes to support.  We believe this is a unique and powerful attribute.

To be successful in the computer support business, we must truly believe in the fundamental meaning of service, which simply stated is, we must always be client focused and the client must truly be made to feel they are getting value for money.

The trust that a client feels, is based upon our ability to recognise what it takes to please a client, and then is built upon by continuously delivering to that client at, or above, the level of expectation that the client expects.

We adopt this approach as the foundation for our business.