Our approach to quality

Our desire to achieve high levels of quality is at the core of our service.  We don’t want to follow what other IT companies do, we want to set high standards and define the benchmark for outstanding high quality service.

Whilst the delivery of quality comes from inside the business we can only make it even better with the involvement and feedback from our clients.

The sections below outline a summary of our approach and benefits we aim to give our clients.

Also shown below are explanations on the Service Levels we publish on the website.  For further details the importance of response and resolution times please visit our Ticket Resolution page.

Our Approach

Our 3 main methods of gathering client feedback are:

  • Ticket survey feedback
  • Call listening
  • Service review feedback

All feedback is good feedback, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. We review all feedback from our clients. Fortunately, the vast majority of feedback is positive but there are occasions when we’ve slipped up resulting in negative feedback. Every piece of feedback we receive is reviewed and acted upon, and we will always contact the client to let them know what we’ve done to make things better.

Call listening is also essential as it allows us to provide high levels of training to our engineers and ensures they have the necessary skills to be able to deliver the highest level of quality.

All feedback and subsequent actions are shared with our clients. As well as feedback on ticket surveys will also provide details on the actual service levels achieved for that client.

To ensure we’re listening to feedback and implementing appropriate actions we have an external independent auditor review the process, feedback and actions as part of our ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 audits.

Our actual service levels for the current month can be found on our Home page.


The benefits for our clients and Bluegrass are numerous. Here’s a few examples:

  • Outstanding levels of quality delivered to every client
  • Support from the Number 1 Managed Services company in the South West
  • Greater efficiency in responding to tickets
  • Faster resolution times
  • Tickets fixed first time
  • Extremely happy clients
Service Levels explanation

We believe that achieving service levels are important for driving quality standards higher and give our clients the confidence that we’ll do all we can to resolve their IT problems quickly and efficiently.

Client Satisfaction Rating – when a ticket is completed the user has the option of completing a quick 5 question satisfaction rating. This allows to immediately see how we’ve done and correct anything in our processes.

Resolution SLA Achieved – represents our success at fixing problems within the set service levels for all priorities of tickets.

Critical Resolution SLA Achieved – represents our success at fixing Priority 1 (critical) problems within the set service levels for all priorities of tickets.

Response SLA Achieved – the first stage with any ticket is the initial response to the contact. This SLA monitors our success with responding to users within agreed service levels. We commit to responding to every ticket within 30 minutes.

During August 2014 we completed over 3,100 tickets for clients.

All of our actual service levels are open to annual audit and scrutiny by the external ISO auditor.

Service Levels