Where we want to be

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide businesses with peace of mind and help them succeed through technology.

Our Values

Bluegrass is committed to achieving market leadership by living its values and embracing these principles:


We are honest and ethical in everything we do

We keep our commitments and treat others with mutual respect and trust

We are committed to upholding our image and representing our company in a way that will leave a noticeable impression

We want a win-win relationship with our customers and suppliers

We are true to our word

We recognise that very occasionally we may make a mistake but we acknowledge it and put it right


Our employees are our most valuable and valued resource; they make our success possible

We are committed to creating a great and safe place for our employees to work, grow and prosper

Our employees’ ideas and opinions are respected and encouraged

We go out of our way to find the perfect team member each time we grow that little bit more


Our success is measured by the success of our clients

Our clients receive the commitment that we will aim to set industry standards for computer support, client service and solutions

Our client’s problems and new opportunities are explored passionately to ensure they are solved

Our clients receive the highest possible level of service in every way possible

Our clients are encouraged to provide suggestions, improvements and changes to the way we provide our services


We strive to achieve excellence in all areas of our business – service, technical, operational, and administrative

We pride ourselves on bringing outstanding results to everything we do

We set high expectations and goals and believe in the joy of achieving significant results.

We embrace creativity, considered risk taking, and continuous improvement, enabling us to make and meet our commitments.

We apply the highest standards of excellence to the design, implementation and support of computer networks.


We look for creative, new or better ways to provide our expertise in all dimensions of our business

We believe that creativity, exploration and imagination are key to how we approach our work

Our clients are provided with our dedication to deliver the best service in the IT industry


We embrace change and flexibility in a rapidly evolving business world

We strive to anticipate changes in market drivers and to work with our clients and employees to adapt to those changes

Profitable Growth

Profitable growth drives our business and enables us to invest in, and to create opportunities for, our employees


Our staff are provided with a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity

Though serious about our work, we’re extremely sociable and enjoy celebrating our success together

We understand that work should be fun and by having fun it promotes creativity and improves results


We set and achieve goals for our clients, team and partners by getting things done!

We believe that with the right attitude, we will get far together.

Service Levels