Email Archiving and storage

With the proliferation of data security, privacy and compliance legislation and legal discovery rules, email archiving has become a necessity. 

IT departments must not only maintain complete multi-year archives of company email, but also ensure that is it easily accessible and that specific messages can be located in minutes, not weeks.

If your company was required to produce specific emails sent last week, last month or last year, would you be able to easily find them?

Our Email Archiving Solution

Our email archiving solution offers a scalable, affordable and compliant approach to saving and protecting email so it can be accessed quickly at a later date. Every email message and attachment is saved, indexed and searchable.

Data privacy and security regulations can be a challenge and overly complex, but our email archiving solution is simple and easy to implement.

Email Continuity Options

Email Continuity Options

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Benefits of Email Archiving

Helps achieve regulatory compliance and discovery requests.

Tamper proof archiving system captures emails at the gateway level.

Business continuity for your business.

All messages fully indexed, including attachments.

Scales to your business needs.

Set up in 24 hours or less; no expensive consultants for onsite configuration.

Predictable costs: a simple per-user price only.

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