Email Continuity & Protection

Email data has become mission critical to most businesses. Yet it’s estimated that companies will face a 72% chance of an unplanned email outage within a 12 month period.

Outages of even a short duration can create numerous issues for individual email users, as well as the business processes that rely on email.

Failure can have serious repercussions that will be felt in both the short and long term.

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Email systems that go down cost businesses in a variety of ways, including lost employee productivity, additional IT time investment to resolve email outages, missed business opportunities, and a myriad of less tangible consequences, such as a damaged business reputation.

An email continuity solution ensures that your company’s email stays operational.

Our Email Continuity Solution

Our email continuity service ensures your business will always have access to email even during an outage. Our solution enables you to log in, send, receive and forward emails until your primary service is back online.

Features of our email continuity service include:

  • Rapid retrieval of lost or accidentally deleted emails.
  • If your email system is down, queued messages will be redelivered when the system comes back online.
  • Automatic saving of all email activity while your primary service is unavailable.
  • Automatic spam and virus removal.

Benefits of Our Email Continuity Solution

No more bounced messages.

Circumvents downtime during planned mail-server maintenance.

Achieves geographically diverse email backups.

Sets up in under a day with no user involvement.

Gains additional efficiency through spam and virus checking.

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