Hosted VoIP Telephone Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the Internet rather than the traditional telephone network (e.g. BT) to transmit your phone calls.

Our wide range of VoIP services allows you to fully unleash the power of your Internet connection to radically improve your communications and reduce your costs. Because our VoIP services use the Internet rather than the traditional phone system, the entire pricing for the calls can be considerably cheaper than traditional landline phones.

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Our VoIP telephony product portfolio has been developed to fulfil customer’s specific technical requirements and business needs. You’ll also have the peace of mind that knowing you’ll be using a well-established telephony solution that currently support thousands of users.

With our VoIP services you have the flexibility of taking your phone and number anywhere where there’s an Internet connection.  Furthermore, when someone leaves a voice message for you it can be emailed to an email account of your choice, so you never have to worry about missing that all important call.

Call quality is carefully managed to ensure that the Quality of Service (QoS) is protected.  The quality of your calls will be of the highest quality.

VoIP Features

Full hosted managed solution

Auto attendant

Call queuing

Call screening

Voicemail and unified communications

Call conferencing

Call recording

Disaster recovery policies and service levels


Benefits of VoIP

Make and receive call anywhere

Flexible workforce

Use your existing broadband connection

Call from your PC

Voicemail direct to your PC, PDA or iPhone

Proactive support 24/7 365 days a year from our dedicated operations centre

Built in resilience

Financial Benefits Of VoIP

Low capital investment

Clear return on investment and flexible pricing model

No expensive and redundant equipment at your office as with a traditional phone solution

Only pay for what you use

Reduced call charges and line rentals

Service Levels