Cyber security solutions

Cyber security is a growing concern for all businesses regardless of size. The effects of a cyber attack can be highly damaging, if not catastrophic. It is vital that all organisations take measures to protect themselves.

With the number of attacks increasing and the constantly shifting nature of attacks, keeping abreast of the threat is a challenge.

We supply a range of cyber security solutions and services to mitigate the risk of a security breach. Our cyber security team are dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest security threats to ensure we can advise on the most appropriate products and solutions to protect your business.

Led by our full time Cyber Security Analyst the team focuses on prevention rather than cure. We regularly evaluate the latest IT security products and keep up to date with the latest threats and security trends. We want to ensure our clients do not have to suffer the damaging effects of a security attack.

Cyber Security Review

We will carry out an audit of your IT infrastructure to identify the weak spots and vulnerabilities. We can then make recommendations on how best to protect your business from a potential security breach.

We partner with a small number of trusted vendors to provide a full remit of cyber security solutions. Find out more about our security solutions by clicking on the links below.

Cyber Essentials

We are approved by QG Management Standards (one of only four organisations approved by the UK Government to manage the Cyber Essentials process) to assist organisations achieve the Cyber Essentials scheme certification.

The government-led Cyber Essentials scheme has been designed to help organisations address these concerns and guide them on measures needed to mitigate against the risk of cyber attack.

Cyber Essentials Badge to show Cyber Essentials scheme certification Cyber Essentials Practitioner