Protect your business from a cyber attack

Cyber Essentials is a government-led scheme. It has been designed to help organisations address cyber security concerns and guide them on measures to reduce the risk of cyber attack.

We are approved by QG Management Standards (one of only four organisations approved by the UK Government to manage the Cyber Essentials process) to assist organisations achieve the scheme certification.

What Is Cyber Essentials?

Aimed at SMEs the scheme sets out a baseline of required security measures, which if implemented should prevent around 80% of cyber attacks.

Organisations that sign up to the scheme and implement the designated measures are awarded an assurance certificate. There are two levels of certification:

  • Cyber Essentials – awarded on the basis of a verified self- assessment. An organisation undertakes their own assessment via a questionnaire. This questionnaire is then verified by an independent Certification Body to assess whether an appropriate standard has been achieved.
  • Cyber Essentials PLUS  – awarded following external testing of the organisation’s cyber security approach.

Organisations who receive a certificate are also able to display the appropriate Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus badge.

Why Is Cyber Essentials Important?

Cyber security cannot be ignored. Participating in this scheme will give you the appropriate guidance and support to help you protect your business against common cyber attack.

Once certified you will have an assurance mechanism to demonstrate to customers, investors, insurers and others that you are taking cyber security seriously and have taken essential precautions.

Moreover if you wish to bid for government contracts which involve handling of sensitive and personal information and provision of certain technical products and services you will have to be compliant with the new Cyber Essentials controls.

How Can We Help?

As a QG Accredited Cyber Essentials (ACE) Practitioner we have been approved to help organisations achieve certification.

We will review your current technical controls and policies; identify the gaps; and then assist you to implement all necessary measures to meet the requirements of the scheme.

We will guide and support you through the process to make it as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

To find out more please email or phone us on 01392 207194.

Cyber Essentials Badge to show Cyber Essentials scheme certification Cyber Essentials Practitioner

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