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Disaster Recovery & Backup

Disaster Recovery
Our disaster recovery solution combines data backup with replication and recovery. This comprehensive package will allow you to replicate your live environment in a different location if your business suffers a disruptive event.
With our cloud data backup solution, a copy of your business data will be safely stored away from your business premises in a secure data centre. If the files become lost or damaged, you will be able to restore them from a backup.
Emergency Office Space
Our business continuity suite provides office space for your key employees if they can’t access your premises following a disaster. They’ll be able to access your IT systems and work as normal.
Business Protection
With security attacks a growing concern, alongside the potential risk of a disaster, such as fire or flood, our disaster recovery solution will prepare your business for the inevitable and mitigate the risks.

Disaster Recovery
A fast & reliable solution

You can recover your applications in minutes. Snapshots are taken every five minutes and replicated to virtual, physical or cloud environments allowing an instant restore.
Total Data Protection
We’ll safeguard your entire IT system. Our service images all of your software, protecting the whole application, not just your files.
If disaster strikes, you can access your systems and data from any machine in any location, including our secure data centre located in Portsmouth.
Even if your office premises are inaccessible your staff will be able to continue working, minimising downtime and the financial impact.

Disaster Recovery & Backup
to mitigate your risk

Even a relatively minor unplanned incident can be catastrophic to your business. Our disaster recovery service provides you with the security that you’ve mitigated the risk with a business continuity solution in place.

With data security vital to your business success, we’ll advise you on the best approach to your data backup and disaster recovery.

Secure Cloud Backup

Your data will be safely stored offsite in a secure data centre. If something happens to your premises, your data won’t be affected.
Enterprise levels of security protection, including encryption, will safeguard your data from cyber attack.
Save Money
Cloud storage is a more cost-effective option than in-house hosting solutions or external hard drives which are costly to run and maintain.
Being able to access your data in the cloud from anywhere with an internet connection will facilitate flexible and remote working.

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