Disaster Recovery

An effective disaster recovery solution is of paramount importance in today’s technology driven environment. Your business data is one of your most valuable commodities so its protection is essential.

An unexpected hardware failure, major event or disaster could put your business at serious risk.

Security threats are a growing issue for businesses and combined with the potential threat of a disaster, such as flood or theft for example, it’s essential that businesses protect themselves.

Our BlueAssure disaster recovery service ensures that in the event of a disaster or major incident your applications and data will be fully recoverable with minimal downtime to your business.

BlueAssure combines backup, replication and recovery in one software solution.

Benefits of Our Disaster Recovery Solution, BlueAssure

Your entire system, not just your data is protected – unlike legacy backup products BlueAssure images all of your software, protecting the entire application, not just the files.

Applications can be recovered in minutes – snapshots are taken every five minutes and replicated to virtual, physical or cloud environments.

Your system can be recovered from any location – if disaster strikes you can recover your systems and data from any machine in any location, including our secure Data Centre located in Portsmouth.

Versatility – BlueAssure is the fastest and easiest backup for Windows Servers, MS Exchange, SQL server and virtual environments.

Why Choose BlueAssure For Your Disaster Recovery?

Peace of mind – even a relatively minor unplanned incident can be catastrophic to your business. BlueAssure provides you with the security that you’ve mitigated the risk. You can be certain that your applications and data are fully recoverable.

Business continuity – any IT downtime can be costly to your business. BlueAssure means your systems can be up and running again within minutes with no loss of data. We can also provide office space for your key employees if you can’t access your premises following a disaster.

Cost effective – BlueAssure uses up to 80% less storage than legacy data backup. Your data is compressed before being backed up to our Data Centre, so you only pay for the compressed data, which keeps your costs down.

BlueAssure ensures you always get the right data, in the right place, at the right time.

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