Proactive 24/7 IT Monitoring

Our 24/7 IT monitoring constantly scans your your IT network to identify failures or irregularities.  Our engineers are able to identify and fix unexpected problems before they become an issue.

This proactive approach to IT support means your IT system will run more efficiently. There will be less IT downtime and less disruption to your business.

24/7 IT monitoring is included as standard within BlueCare, our IT managed services support package.

Our 24/7 IT Monitoring Includes:

    • 24/7 remote monitoring of your entire infrastructure
    • Data back up and recovery
    • Business critical software such as antivirus
    • Best practice recommendations and advice using problem trend analysis
    • Onsite monitoring visits
    • Monthly service delivery reports outlining actual service levels, ticket details and hardware status


Monitoring services

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Benefits of 24/7 IT Monitoring

Your IT systems will be more robust and efficient.

Trend analysis can be used to improve best practice.

Automatic monitoring of the network and servers for software and hardware failures saves time.

Vital checks to monitor disk space, services and processes on servers and workstations run automatically.

Users, groups and other active directory information are automatically included.

Services run and function without the need for any administrative intervention.

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