Support Ticket Response and Resolution

For your peace of mind we measure the support ticket resolution time as well as the response time. 

We know that our clients want us to respond quickly to a problem and fix the problem as fast as we can. The vast majority of IT support businesses focus on response time, which is good, but they fail to publicise how quickly they fix a problem. Not us. We openly publish our support ticket resolution times on our website so you can see how quickly we fix problems.

Achieving our service levels is important for driving quality standards higher. It gives you the confidence that we’ll do all we can to resolve your IT problems quickly and efficiently. Our approach to priorities and target times means you know exactly what to expect in a clear and concise way.

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What is the Support Ticket Resolution Time?

The support ticket resolution time you see on our website is the average time over the past month that it took for a Bluegrass engineer to fix the client’s problem. As part of our ISO 20000 accreditation we have to be able to demonstrate to an independent auditor that not only do we record these times but that they are genuine.


Our Service Levels Explained

Client Satisfaction Rating – when a ticket is completed the user has the option of completing a quick 5 question satisfaction rating. This allows to immediately see how we’ve done and correct anything in our processes.

Resolution SLA Achieved – represents our success at fixing problems within the set service levels for all priorities of tickets.

Critical Resolution SLA Achieved – represents our success at fixing Priority 1 (critical) problems within the set service levels for all priorities of tickets.

Response SLA Achieved – the first stage with any ticket is the initial response to the contact. This SLA monitors our success with responding to users within agreed service levels. We commit to responding to your ticket quickly.

All of our actual service levels are open to annual audit and scrutiny by the external ISO auditor.

Service Levels