Virtualised platforms for reduced costs

A common challenge faced by many businesses is how to avoid increasing hardware needs and costs as the business grows.  A virtualised solution can often be the answer.

Virtualisation is a proven software technology that makes it possible to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same server at the same time. It eliminates the need to have one server for each business application or service thereby reducing the cost.

Virtualisation is a powerful method of driving down hardware costs and ongoing support costs, whilst providing a flexible solution that meets your requirements.

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Our team is experienced in designing cost effective virtualised platforms for clients. Having determined your business requirements we will evaluate your current IT systems and advise on the best virtualisation structure to meet your objectives. We will build and implement the system and provide on-going support once everything is in place.

We can provide virtualisation via a physical server or offer a cloud based virtualisation solution, the Microsoft Azure platform.

Whichever virtualised system you choose it will deliver cost savings, improved system performance and reliability.

Benefits of Virtualisation

Lower total cost of ownership – through reduced hardware acquisition, IT admin and maintenance costs. There is no capital outlay for Azure, just a monthly fee.

Reduced energy costs – migrating physical servers over to virtual machines dramatically reduces the amount of power, space and cooling required to run a company’s IT system. No physical server is required for Azure.

Flexibility – easily scaled to meet demand. The system grows gradually as your business grows and resources can be reallocated to business areas as they need it. Azure allows you to increase or decrease your capacity as you need to.

Business continuity – a corrupted virtual system can be recovered in minutes. The files that make up a virtual machine can be recovered to any hardware without requiring any changes.

Reduced management costs – virtual server management is highly efficient, with a number of tools available to enable easy implementation of routine tasks.

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